Books Series

Ijime no Nekko : The Source of Abuse (1993)
Abuse and discrimination exist in any country. Although all us human beings innately desire peace as we toil every day, we have always found pretext to discriminate against others in any era. In this book, I discuss the “root” of discrimination, abuse, and preconceptions in the hearts of each individual, and that having this understanding is a wellspring for equality of all humankind.(Designated in 1990 as recommended book by National Congress of Parents and Teachers Association of Japan)

Journey into the 21st Century (1995)
All persons regardless of ethnic origin, religion, or culture have instinct that lets them know of “danger”: we can make use of this capacity to catch “signs” that guide our daily lives. If we act according to what our instinct tells us first then we do not need to hesitate about the choices we make in life. Our initial intuition is the right one. No matter how advanced we may get in theorizing or calculating about the choices we make in life, core feelings and behavior of the individual, in any country, of any age, gender, or creed, determine the encounters and outcomes of his or her life, after all. Anyone has the answers to his or her life in the soul.Since we have merely 70 or 80 years on this Earth, I hope each one of us can all spend them in happiness. May all people use the innate capacity they have in the country destiny chose for them, for the sake of peace in the world.(Selected in 2000 as a recommended supplementary reader on moral education for 2nd year junior high school students in Japan)

Ripple Reaches Shores (1997)
We all have something in common: it is so universal that it can be done anywhere, by anyone, at any time. It can be performed by the company executive and rank-and-file personnel, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, parent and child in the country that destiny had chosen for them as their basis for self-actualization. We all can accept what we say to each other in our daily lives, and digesting the feelings and thoughts behind them, and act sincerely, reaping a just and deserved result. On the other hand, if we reject what others tell or ask us to do, ignoring the feelings and intentions of others, our human relations break down. All our acts, statements, and thoughts have an influence on life. Until we arrive at the answers that realize peace on earth, we need to stay aware of the ripples we make in our daily lives.

The Stone that Shines (1998)
It can be said people in any country have one thing in common: time. We each have been granted 24 hours in a day. In these 24 hours, we can find the gem of happiness.
Find the agreeable fit between internal state of mind and external manifestations. Frictions arise for instance between parent and child. By acting defiantly toward one’s parents or in turn not listening to one’s child’s complaints and instead overwhelming him or her with one’s parental authority, one is stunting grown as a human being. Having a heart big enough to accept the internal state of our own mind and the acts, speech, or intentions of others, we open the path toward happiness.
Someone famous or influential does not determine the answers to our lives; each and every one of us has the capacity to produce the answers for ourselves. Company executive and rank-and-file personnel, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, parent and child can turn apparent conflicts of interest into an agreeable interplay of heart, words, and deeds through acceptance, which leads to peace within the home as well.

Before the Storm (1999)
Human beings in general live each day routinely in pursuit of equality and peace.
Warning signals always precede any unfortunate (negative) occurrence. All of us are equally endowed with instinct to realize impeding danger, if we are in tune with Nature.
When we sense something is “dangerous” or “off balance” then indeed it is. For thousands of years, humankind has repeatedly waged religious wars and retaliation, and produced streams of refugees and rounds of terrorism. If each of us human beings uses the signals that are messages from Nature properly, then we can save ourselves. For the sake of peace, I have devoted my life to studying with all my heart how my heart works, and offer the observations of how our hearts inform our lives.

We Go Beyond (2002)
This is a book compiling the feelings and thoughts of youths on life and the world, gathered through a questionnaire sent all over the world. The questionnaire responses as the whole exude hope. It was in fact my quest for hope I have had since childhood that inspired me in 1999 to do the questionnaire project in the first place. Born to a poor family in Ehime Prefecture, southwestern Japan, I was ridiculed and rejected by my friends. Ever since my junior high school days, I had for some reason developed an urge for world peace.Dedicating my life in the desire to help others who felt miserable about life too, I began observing how the mind and heart worked. I have continued this for 50 years now.
Ostracism, discrimination, abuse, jealousy, and betrayal ? I was shattered many times.
Every time the hope for equality and peace for all human beings would spring up from the depth of my heart.Over 600 questionnaire responses that portray the endeavors of youths all over the world arrived from 81 countries. We Go Beyond is a selection of these questionnaire responses, all of them fountains of wonderful spirit, affirming that we should never abandon our dreams and inspirations.

Call the Heart (2004)
Why do religious states continuously fight fiercely against each other?
Through my over 50 years of observing my heart, mind, and the people and occurrences around me while raising my family and giving counsel to youths, I have found the solution I believe applies to all of us. “We have the ‘key’ to our current problems and situations in our hearts.” Using the intuitive sense of our hearts, let’s make this a peaceful world. There is no need to continue the suffering for millennia more. We can go beyond. As one girl who corresponded to me put it, our liberty is in peril wherever we are. Religions and cultures are not closing their gaps. We have to get to the bottom of our hearts with our feeler and then to also understand others with this feeler. Then we can start to be in harmony with ourselves, others, and the world around us. I believe with the girl that we can see the world with our own eyes and act with love.

Path to World Peace – from hardship to realization - (2010)
The world cries out for peace, yet is plagued by the ceaseless conflicts and terrors, like a deja vu through hundreds of generations.I wondered since my childhood why the human beings, with the world-class academics and scientists amongst us, repeated the similar stupidity? I thus longed for the core truth of things.Throughout the 60 years of quest for truth, not in peaceful isolation but amid many struggling souls, I could arrive at the philosophy for peace. Its core: World peace begins at home. In effect, my life has been dedicated to bring about this realization!

A French person, having read ‘ Path to World Peace’, comforted me by saying that God did not place Reiko Uchida on the world stage for excruciating agonies alone. Happiness follows the hardship.

Although God challenged me with numerous trials, I can now appreciate my life in a positive perspective with the discovery of the truth: The world peace begins at home.

At this very moment, the entire world faces the perilous junctures. With my profound love, I pray for the happiness of each and every one of the humanity which will last beyond my humble life!

「Was a needle of hope pierced through cobwebs of your mind?」(2014)
Young people, not only in Japan but also around the world, are struggling with various problems. Based on my own experiences, this book talks about how to solve problems in the hearts of young people. In fact, we always have our answers within ourselves. I tried my best to make this book easy to read for you. I hope my truth finds a response in your heart.