While ages of the history change, people have originally equal human values. Their civilizations have steadily progressed up until our own. Still conflicts and wars are raging somewhere in our world.

When you happen to witness a child crying out of desperation under a war-torn circumstance, don’t you find yourself pleading, even praying, for any help reaching to him or her? It is because our original mind knows that we, the humans, are destined to support each other in our limited span of life.

To the point, a French philosopher Alain, or Emile-Auguste Chartier, left a dictum as follows: “By all means, the humanity must learn to love each other!”

Our physical life may last for 50 to 60 years, or 80 years with medical advancement. Given that limited life span, if we can exert our capacities, we could make a better society.

Having invested my given life time, I have searched for how the humanity should live. In 2017, I would like to offer my answers and lessons, which are actually discovered in our routine lives, through the publication of my book entitled: ‘The 21 rules of mind to reach happiness


December 2016

Reiko Uchida
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