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July 1,
Born the eldest daughter of 8 children in Ehime Prefecture on Shikoku Island, southwestern Japan.PHOTO : In front of “Nijubashi(the Double Bridge)” before the enterance to the Imperial Palace (Tokyo).
1948 Impoverished by the bankruptcy of her father’s business, Reiko begins working while going to school to support her family.
1951 In her teens, her loneliness and despair turn into a yearning and lifelong quest for equality and peace for all people.
1957 Gets up the courage to go to Tokyo for work after graduating from high school.PHOTO : This is Tokyo Station.
1960 Gets married in Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture (now with a full- grown son and daughter).
1970 The Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture commissioning her to counsel youths and adolescents, she receives large numbers of youths and people in misery and gives them encouragement at her home she opened up to the public.
From her experience and observations into her own and other’s state of mind, she discovers that “the answers we seek lie in the way we feel and behave in the context of everyday life.”PHOTO : This is Origami, a traditional Japanese craft made with paper.
1993 Publishes Ijime no Nekko: The Source of Abuse, the first English translation of her works. To date (November 2002), Reiko has published 13 books she wrote in Japanese, 6 of which have been translated into English (including 1 compilation). Her message has been distributed in English to heads of state, Ministers of Education, rectors of universities, and other individuals and organizations, and received warmly in many countries around the world. Reiko’s aspirations have in turn inspired some readers to translate works into their own languages, such as Arabic (in the case of her 2nd English publication, Journey into the 21st Century) and Azerbaijani (her 5th, Before the Storm), making her insights and advice available to more than the English-speaking world.
2000 Nijuu-isseiki e no Tabidachi (Engish title: Journey into the 21st Century) becomes a recommended supplementary reader for 2nd year junior high school students for moral education in Japan.PHOTO : This is Origami, a traditional Japanese craft made with paper.
2002 Publication of We Go Beyond — “Compilation of Youth’s Thoughts and Feelings on Life and the World”
2004 Publication of Call the Heart — “Act of Peace and Equality”Reiko gives lectures at boards of education or Parents and Teachers Associations (PTA) events, schools, and other institutions and gatherings, traveling all over Japan continuously, besides writing and giving counsel to people in her spare time.
Her wish since childhood and lifework is to guide people to realize that
“World peace begins in the home.”
2010 Path to World Peace – from hardship to realizationIn her childhood, Reiko Uchida began pondering about the equality of the humanity.”Why do people face the discrimination?”"Why does the world witness the ceaseless conflicts and terrors, while it cries out for peace?”"What is the purpose of our human life?”She has devoted her life to the quest for the truth of human minds. In the course of discussions and lectures, over 3,000 in total nationwide, she has reached the conclusion: The world peace begins at home.Her lectures were welcomed by institutions such as the conventions of the Japanese Parents & Teachers’ Association, gatherings of local educational commissions, parents’ organizations and police seminars.Extracting from these life-long experiences and lessons learned, her latest book, “Path to World Peace – from hardship to realization -” is published..
2014 I just turned 78 in July this year. Since my childhood, I have always wanted to do something for human happiness. With such spirit, I gave more than 4,500 lectures at boards of education, schools, kindergartens and nursery schools across Japan. I am grateful to all the people who supported my work.

I always think of something “anyone can do at anytime, anywhere,” and that led me to realize that answers can be found in our daily life. When we look at the world, there are countries still fighting against each other.

All of us were born with something unique and precious. And we are destined to use it for the sake of others. I usually use my lecture fees to publish English version of my books, because I want people around the world to know this fact.

I have been giving lectures for more than 30 years, and still keep going.

I hope my wishes find a response in your heart.

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